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  1. Hi guys! :)
    I'm NewOne, in case you never heard about me before.
    And I'm admin here. You'll see me often here at Creator's Corner.
    I also have another blog called One Billion Pixels, lots of goodies there.
    Come visit sometime!

  2. Hello:
    I have gone by several names through the Sims to Sims 3 years so you may recognized me more as PTylo, TTylo, ProwlerTylo, or Anime Creations. I run the Sims 3 Anime Finds Blog and have my own personal blog called PTylo's This and That Sims Blog. I am not good at talking about myself, so I will just leave it at that and say it is nice to meet everyone. ^_^ I hope you stop by and visit me sometime even if you are not into anime. Take care.

  3. Heya!
    I'm Jill The Ripper, but you can call me Jill. NewOne likes to call me The Great Oz, so whatever works for you. I'm the author of Megahood that has gotten popular in my circle (which surprises the hell out of me). You can read all of my sims stories on my blog. I have made a few creations here and there, but I'm not known for them.
    I've also played The Sims and all of its expansions since the first game. I've only decided to peek my head out this third time around. You can say I'm delightfully addicted. ;)
    Nice to meet you all! I hope you take care and have fun! Happy Simming! <3

  4. Hello!

    I'm known (better or worst) in the Sims world as Rubika. But my real name is Paulina and I live in beautiful and a little bit crazy Poland :)

    My journey with cc has started a year ago, when I got TS3. Then I found amazing Living Sims and discover that this game can be really inspiring and real! I learnt how to do recolors of painting and posters and now I'm running my own blog:

    I love retexturing, although I hope I will learn how to mesh or convert stuff from TS2.

    I'm very happy to be member of such amazing TS community! Thank you all for visiting my blog, thanks NewOne for putting my updates here!
    Happy Simming! <3

  5. Hi!

    My name is Jill ( you can call me Jillie since it makes it easier to tell me and Jill^^ apart Lol) I'm better known around the community as jilliebee(22) or j i l l i e.

    I've just started on making stuff for the sims 3. At the moment I'm currently only retexturing clothing. But I would really like to learn how to Mesh, so I can make more interesting stuff.

    Also someday I hope to be able to tackle hair. *sigh* But I heard that is the hardest thing to learn. I have my own blog, which is in the link section to your left or here -

    Thanks for everyone who comments or downloads my creations. Since the reason I do this, is for you guys!

    Happy Simming!

  6. Hey everyone hope you're all ok I'm QuileuteGirl but I'm also known as DarkBunny over on Living Sims...I really only make sims at the moment and am trying to make buildings too ( I made a dollhouse for a challenge over on Living Sims)

    Anyway at some point in the future I hope to try and expand into worlds and other things so hopefully there'll be much more to see on my blog than just pretty faces.

    You can check out my creations at:

  7. Hello Everybody!

    My name is Amanda...everybody calls me...Amanda LOL and I live in the Heart of Dixie (Alabama) in the US of A just started my own blog over a month ago called S3 & first I only knew how to build and decorate a house but I've learned so much in the past month about how to make paintings/ clocks and puting logos on Sims shirts ;)

    I'm hoping to learn how to mesh and make differnt objects one day...till then I hope ya'll enjoy What I make so far!

    If ya''ll have any questions or just want to chat with me

    My e-mail is or just leave a comment on my blog

    Take care everybody and Happy Simming!

  8. Bonjour les amis !
    Je souhaite m'inscrire à votre site.
    Je crée des patterns et des décorations.
    Venez visitez mon blog !

  9. Hi to everyone's here) My real name is Svetlana, but in the Sims world people call me Tegira) Or just Tegi)) As you wish it)
    I just like to create new things for TS3, so, when it was already enough stuff, I decided to create my own blog) You can watch in here:
    Hope you like it!

  10. Hey, I'm ChicagoStorm, aka Chicago, bka Chi. I enjoy making sims, building houses, writing stories, and taking creative pictures with my sims.

    I adore my friends that I've made in the sims community and I'd love to make more.

  11. Welcome
    I'm a fan of The Sims 3.
    NewOne Thank you for your message and encourage the exchange of links.
    With great pleasure I will exchange links and banners.
    I'm glad that my banner will appear on your wonderful blog.
    On my blog you will find my banner.


    Jestem fanką serii The Sims 3 .
    Dziękuje NewOne za wiadomość i zachęć wymiany linków.
    Z miłą chęcią zrobię wymianę linków oraz banerów .
    Ciesze się że mój baner znajdzie się na waszym wspaniałym blogu .
    Na moim blogu znajdziesz mój baner .

  12. Hi everyone, and thanks Newone for stopping by at my blog! In the Sims' world, I'm Polly. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. My life is pretty ordinary with job and husband and friends. As soon as I have some spare time (I just wish it was more often!) I play Sims 3. I like making sims and houses and have a blog:

  13. Hola soy rousmart, tengo un blog que se llama El rinconcito de rousmart. no conocia este sitio, pero me parece genial, un encuentro de personas con la misma aficion, crear, me voy agregar el sitio a favoritos, me ha gustado mucho.


  14. Hello Rousmart. We are glad you would like to be a part of Creator's Corner. Please if you have not already make sure you click the follow button. Once you have, I will add your link to the page and we will post your updates to Creator's Corner. Take care.

  15. Hi everyone =)

    My real name is Sandrine, I'm a video games addict, and I'm honored and impressed to be part of this blog :$ (Michelle you are so persuasive x3)

    On blogspot, I'm Sand Ce (I love Sun Ce, from Dynasty Warriors ♥ and many many others video games characters) and my main sim/character is Blood Vampyre (Blood l'Immortel à la Beauté Sans Pareille, as he likes to call himself x)) and "La revanche de Blood" is his attempt to get revenge for all the miseries I've put him through x)

    I hope it's understandable :$

    thanx for your attention and support =)

  16. Hey welcome all you guys who've just joined us here at Creator's Corner we're so glad you joined us and look forward to seeing you around.
    Q~Girl x

  17. Salut!

    I am Bad Girl,and I've created clothing and unique lots for The Sims 3,and I've finally decided to show them to the world and hopefully people will enjoy it.

    I've just started a blog and I have a preview of whats to come so check it our and enjoy!

  18. Welcome to Creator's Corner, Bad Girl.

  19. Hello, I'm Arcanalia, and my real name is Claire. I'm very much a newbie creator, I only do recolours and some tattoos, but I'm learning and hope to improve with time.

    I have a blog here:

  20. hello ! My name is Ewelina, and I'm from Poland :) I love The Sims game and not long ago I created new blog with free Sims 3 fashion made by me :)

    If you want to have a look I will be very happy
    I hope you find something interesting there. Im still learning how to create but I really like doing this.

    Greetings and Happy Simming !! :)


  21. Hello Kawfeczka: Welcome to Creator's Corner.

  22. Hey everyone,im Chris i TS3 fan and i love create a sims and other,thanks for your wonderful blog!
    i wait you on my blog :

  23. OMG! It's me, MissNuki from the DA gallery. I'm sorry. I think I posted in the wrong area. I have a few sims to contribute. Would you like me to upload your sims' offspring?

  24. I've replied to this in I Have Something New but I'll reply here as well.
    Yes, I'd like you to upload my sims' offsprings.

    Thanks MissNuki! :)

  25. Hi Creator's Corner,
    I'm Louma from Egypt.
    I started to convert some TS2 meshes, and still learning how to mesh from scratch, hope i can do it, is freaking hard XD

    Any way, here is my blog =)

    Thanks for crating such a nice blog =) <3

  26. HI everyone!
    I hope you'll stop by my blog. I love to make celebrity sims/ real people and just ordinary sims.
    I also have a feedback section for sims that are "still in the works", so to speak. Would love to receive your feedback. I'm still working out all of the kinks, but getting there.

    Sims by Jakincol ... some call me Jak

    Still trying to figure out banners so that I can place some on my site... lol.

    Thanks Newone for directing me here. I love it!

    I will be visiting many of you and hope you will do the same.


  27. Hi everyone!

    Thanks NewOne for directing me to Creator's Corner.

    Here is my blog, hope many of you will get a chance to visit.

    I'm going to try and visit many of you and hopefull add some of your banners to my site... if I can figure that out! lol.

    If any of you like giving feedback, I have a feedback section on upcoming sims. Hope to see you there.

    Jakincol aka... JAK

    June 2, 2011 8:02 AM

  28. Hi, I´m engelchen, and I´m sorry but my english is not the best.
    I´ve begun in a Forum - with Sim 3 Houses.
    About a Year ago, I´ve startet to upload my stuff on TSR.
    Finaly, in May, I startet my own blog.
    I´m creating all Kinds of Patterns, Terrain Paints, Wallpapers, Pictures, Houses.
    In future maybe more....., so come and visit me @, see you soon.
    ;-) Thx to creator´s corner

  29. Hi everyone!
    I'm Joke ( that's a dutch name ;p). I'm better know in the community as Mimisapje, but everyone may call me Mimi!
    The country where it always rains, Belgium in other words, is my home.
    I started to play the sims when sims 2 came out and now I'm an addict of the sims 3. Seriously, I'm an addict!
    What I mostly create are sims, but often I try to build houses and make tattoo's.

    If you want to see what I already made, you have to copy this adres:

    Thanks for this awesome blog!

  30. Hi,
    I'm from the forum The main purpose of this forum is to create add-ons, promoting Polish wizards, which is really a lot. Some of them are known in Poland and abroad like greennoodle and pyszny17, wizard chiefly known for TSR. Our forum was founded by a team of Polish wizards, currently conducted in Polish, but in the future we intend to lead them in English.The cooperation would consist of both for this that we put our banners and other links to our pages. You are well known and our cooperation has helped to peer advertising. Could also be implemented various projects.
    Thank you for your attention and I look forward to quick response.
    Bimbo and Simscreator team

  31. Hi! Am a 15 year old male simmer. I love your blog and your creations are really nice. I gave up creating CC sins my very first try because I found it too complicated for a simple minded person like me. My favorite part of the game is building and furnishing homes. I already followed your blog, and it will mean the world to me if you check out my creations blog and my story/challenge blog: and you can also find me on

  32. ...HI, I'M MAMYROCKER,

    THANK YOU :)

  33. Hi ! :)
    My name is Jessica. I'm 16 year. I'm come from Spain but I live in Belgium. I can speak very fuently French and Spanish, and a little English and Dutch (because I learn these languages at school). English isn't my first language so sorry for the mistakes in the words.
    I really like playing Sims 3 and above all creating models. At the moment I have 7 sims on my blog :
    thank you (^_^)

  34. Hi, I'm Kaine. I just want to say hi and happy to meet everyone. Thanks for creating this community for sims, great blog. I'm a builder myself, and I'm into other games like Dragon Age, GTA, Mass Effect, Settlers, Resident Evil and all that. I have a blog now for Sims 3 build stuff and CAW tutorials. cheers

  35. Jezabel Wrote here, you can tell it is not my real name but that one is a secret ^^. I am from Spain, as jessi95 above -welcome, darling. I live in Galicia, so I am bilingual and get along pretty well with English because, you know, having two mother languages gives you a lot of bargain in that things.
    Love the sims, have been playing them since TS1 -yeah, that long, but I didn't get into the community until TS3, probably because I was too young back then, IDK.
    Own a site here in blogger: