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Saturday, August 28, 2010

GARAGE SALE at Creator's Corner

Hey guys, just to let you know we're gonna have
a garage sale this week from August 28th - 30th 2010.
[unique idea, huh?]
This is only open for members/followers but you can invite people to come.
Anyway, if you are interested to know more and hopefully to join, you can read more from the tab Garage Sale right next to I Have Something New or you can just click here.

If you have any question about this event, you can leave a comment there.
Please feel free to ask.



  1. Thank you! <3
    Hopefully this will help more people to come visit Ceator's Corner, specially the blogs of people who decide to join.

  2. Thank you, Michelle! :)
    And you are more than welcome to join.

  3. This is a great idea! I would love to participate in the Garage Sale. I'll link you.

  4. Oh, yes that would be great! :)
    I would love you to participate, please.
    And thank you for the link!

  5. Cool! :)When would you like me to post the links and do I do it in the Garage Sale tab?

  6. You can post the links anytime you want.
    And yes it's in the Garage Sale tab.
    It will be better if you do it sooner so I can do the preparation from now.
    But like I said, whenever you are ready. :)

  7. Alright I'll get them in when I'm done compressing my files.

  8. I don't know if I can join, because I'm on vacation right now and heading home that weekend. But I've put on the link on my blog ;)

  9. I think you still can join.
    Why not, you have more than enough sims so you can pick 2 of them, the ones you really want people to download them. :)

    You don't need to do other preparation. They're ready.

    And thank you so much for the support! I really appreciate it. :)

  10. Hey, NewOne) I have some questions) Where should we post our stuff to join the sail and can I post my new set,just converted, it's not even released yet or only old stuff to be more like garage sale, you know?)) Thanks for the cool idea, btw)

  11. Hi Kristina! :)

    You can post the link to your stuff on Garage Sale tab next to I Have Something New.

    And yeah usually people only sell used or old stuff at garage sale but if you want to sale new stuff you are more than welcome to do so.

    Also if you want to keep it as a surprise (cause it's brand new :) you can email me the link.
    Here's the address:

    For now that's the address. I'll need to make a new one for Creator's Corner.

    And since it's a brand new stuff, I'm gonna put that on top of our Garage Sale post.
    So people can grab it as soon as they get here on Garage Sale day.

    Thank you so much for your support!
    I cannot tell you how excited I am you decided to join. :)

  12. Okay I have a question. Should I provide a CC list for my creations? I think so, but I want to make sure :) I also created a tab specifically for the Garage Sale. I'm so excited!

  13. Oh yes, that's a must. We all need to include CC list in our post.

    Me too, I'm so excited!!!
    I'm still working on my stuff now.
    Hopefully they'll be ready tomorrow (Friday)

    Thanks so much for your support!
    I'll add your link on Support Garage Sale.

  14. I have added links on both of my blogs to the garage sale. I look forward to seeing what everyone puts up for 'sale'. I will see if I have anything myself that I would like to put in the garage sale if nothing else I will give my support to everyone. ^_^

  15. Thank you so much, Michelle for your big support! :)

    And yes, I would really love you to join. Anything you can make or you have made like sims, lots, patterns, makeup, clothing, etc.

    Oh and I just realized you have some cool finds about anime stuff.
    If you want and if you have time, you can post the links in Cool Finds tab.
    You are more than welcome to do that.

    And when I have chance I'll contact those creators and let them know that we add their links in Cool Finds.
    So they can come and join Creator's Corner.

  16. You know about my computer (or should I say room) problems. Not to mention I'm going to be busy this weekend with a few things I've had planned for months. I still support this though!

    I'm just not sure if I have time to resell things. D:

    I'm also not sure what would be good to resell. The vamps maybe? It's all on dreamwidth and not blogger too.

  17. I really don't understand what this is going to be?

  18. I know and still remember about 'the room'.
    And I'm so sorry about that.

    Why you're not sure what to sell?
    You made the shirts the one I used for Ken and those vamps.
    Viktor's wife aka Sheba, she's gorgeous!!!
    I LOVE her!
    And don't forget Tyrus and The Janitor.
    You can add the link to the Megahood stories in their post.

    Tell them how much I and people who read your stories love them so much! That will help the sale.

    And it's ok it's not on Blogger. You join Creator's Corner, that's legal.
    Some people I featured here don't have blog on blogspot but they follow CC so it's all matter.

    I really, really want you to join BUT it's all up to you.
    I want you to participate because you want to not because you feel you have to.

    Whatever you decide it won't change anything what I think about you. <333

  19. Anon, I'm sorry if it's confusing you about the Garage Sale.
    I blame my English for this.

    It's like when you sell old/used stuff at garage sale (You know Garage Sale, do you? Have you been to one before?)
    I don't if other countries have garage sale but that's what we have here in US.
    Okay, so the creators can re-advertise their older creations so people would download them again.
    Maybe there's some people who never seen that stuff before.
    This will help them to get more visitors to their blog/site.
    That's why they need to post only 2 links to their site.
    I will post them and all screenshots in one post called GARAGE SALE.
    From that post people can click on those links to download the stuff.

    I hope this help to explains.

  20. Sorry, I mean "I don't know if other countries..."

  21. True, I do have the shirts. If I added them, I almost wish I had better screenshots. (Just being a perfectionist, don't mind me.) I wonder if I have time to take new ones considering most of the CC in the pictures I'd have to look for. I know I won't have time to do all of that.

    I can add the links and stories to the vamps though. That's a good idea. I love their screenshots already. I'm also glad they're on one link. That makes it easier instead of choosing between them.

    I also have Chaz. A lot of people liked him too. This is why I'm having trouble. I can only choose two. D:

    Um um ummm.... let me think about all of this and I'll get back with you. <3333 We put our links in the tab, right?

  22. YAYYYYYYYY!!! I'm so happy you decided to join! :)

    How come I forget Chaz?!
    He's so cool!
    Yes, you have to sell him. LOL

    Anything you decide either the shirts or Chaz I'm OK with it.
    I'm just happy you'll be at Garage Sale with me. <333

    And yes we put links in tab.