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Friday, September 24, 2010

6081 Visits, New Forum, and Other Stuff


Congrats goes out to Creator's Corner for reaching 6081 visits. Yay!

For those that may not have noticed we have a new forum called Member's Gallery. Do not be afraid to post a link to your Sims 3 gallery so that other members or even our shy visitors can enjoy. Everyone loves to see screenshots of sims, gameplay, artistic renditions, goofiness, and other such creativity so why not take the time to share your Sims 3 galleries with Creator's Corner.

Do not be shy, NewOne and I have embarrassed ourselves by showing off our galleries. ^_^ The rules may seem long but they are not at all complicated and just used to protect our younger visitors from seeing anything that might be objectionable.

There is still time to vote on the Create & Creativity Challenge entries. Deadline for voting is the 25th of September so if you have not voted please take the time to visit the poll in the side panel.

You may also notice we have an Introduction area called Tell Us About Yourself. I know what it is like to not say much of anything on forums, blogs, or other such venue's being that I am not much of talker. Hard to believe huh? But do not be afraid to stop by and introduce yourselves, we do not bite. Well Jill might bite a little I think. I promise, I only bite on days ending in Y. ^_^

Creator's who have joined but continue to remain a bit shy about saying you have something new, please do not be. Always feel comfortable to let us know that you have something new. We do our best to monitor our members blogs and websites but we are only human so sometimes we may miss something, we assure you it is not intentional. So please feel free to stop by I Have Something New and let us know about any updates you might have for your TS3 Machinima, Stories, and Creations.

If you are unsure about the guidelines for having an update posted please check out our Guidelines.

Take care all and Happy Simming.


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