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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blah Blah Blah (New Forums and Moderators)

Yup, I'm gonna 'blah blah blah' again this time but I want you to keep reading what I write here cause there's some important things y'all need to know.

But first let me show you something that makes me smile.
Are you ready?
Here you go.

Plus 57 Members
(in 15 days)

Ahem. Who are those lucky fellows from Japan and US?
It could be YOU!
Nope, not me. I came here before them. ;)

Anyway, that pic above really shows us that we got more and more visitors come to Creator's Corner.
Ain't it great? And of course we want to keep them coming.

Now if you notice we have two new moderators that have been helping me with forums and daily update since couple days ago.
So let me introduce them to you, just in case you never heard about them before.

Please welcome Moderators of Creator's Corner,

Jill The Ripper

You can get to know more about them from the links on the left collumn (Moderators)

Jill The Ripper or you can call her Jill (I call her The Great Oz :), moderates forums Tell Us About You and Chat Room.
Michelle moderates forums Where Can I Find and Cool Finds.

Please be nice to them and listen to what they tell you.
And if you need help, please feel free to talk to them in Chat Room. But make sure you read the rules first.

Now let's talk about the new forums.

If you notice we have Events & Programs and Challenges forums. These two will be active soon.
In fact we'll have our first challenge next week.
Excited? We would love you to join.
Don't be shy, let's hang out together here at Creator's Corner.

Soon we'll announce the opening of Registration for Tutors and Non Tutors (Non Tutor is anyone who needs tutor to teach them)
Creators can sign up to be tutors but only the staff here who will make the decision who teach and who don't.
This whole process can take at least 2 weeks or so, depends on people who will register.
We will really appreciate your help if you post about this on your blog. That way more people will know and hopefully they'll be interested in our program.

Last but not least, we want all members to introduce themself in Tell Us About You.
This is very important cause we want to get all blog links (blogger and non blogger) so we can do daily update much easier.
There's some that we still don't know yet about their blog.

If you have any question regarding what I write here, please feel free to ask.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. Great to see the counter ticking like that !!

    Welcome Jill Mod & Michelle Mod ! :D

  2. Thank you EvaTer!

    And woot, I can sign in now. LOL

  3. I wonder if others have the same problem like you had.
    But I'm glad you can sign in now. :)

  4. Thank you EvaTer.

  5. Congrats on the mod position<333

    I really love what you guys are doing, and can't wait to see some events/challenges. It'll be fun!