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Monday, September 20, 2010

Challenge 1: Create & Creativity Challenge (Closed)

Challenge Status: Closed
Winner: QuileueteGirl


This challenge is very easy and fun to do. All you have to do is take pictures of your sims in official shirts of Creator's Corner when they're doing something creative.
It can be anything. Just use your imagination and creativity.
This challenge is all about creating the best picture using your artistic abilities.
Please download the official shirts of Creator's Corner from the link provide in this post below the screenshot.
  • You need to be a member of Creator’s Corner. You can become a member by simply clicking on the follow button
  • Single or group shots.
  • Maximum 3 pictures allowed.
  • Photoshop allowed (you can add text, Photoshop brushes, edit with effects, etc).
  • You can only use 10 Custom Content for Body Shop (skin, hair, eyes, makeup, accessories, outfit, etc) and 10 Custom Content for Build/Buy item (Clutter/decorative objects, furniture, walls, paintings, patterns, etc). Store Items count as CC if not free in the store so you will need to credit those.
  • The official shirts of Creator's Corner and the default replacement mesh are not part of 10 CC for Body Shop.
  • For group shots, the 10 CC rule still applies. However, if you do not use your 10 CC allotted to Build/Buy items you can take from that and use it toward your other Sims.
  • If you take pictures in community lots, all CC used there should be considered part of the 10 CC for Build/Buy item so you have to be careful not to include them in your pics.
  • You have to credit or include CC list in your post on your blog. You have to post your pictures first on your blog so we can check them later.
  • You can submit your pictures by leaving a comment here and include your name, blog and link to your pictures.
Single & Group Shots
Jill The Ripper for the pictures and Sheba & Randall
NewOne for Layout & Text and Viktor Jarek
Michelle for helping with description of rules/guidelines

We will have this challenge for 2 weeks, start on September 6th until September 20th 2010. And by the end of the challenge, we'll have a poll and vote by members to decide the winner.
The winner will be featured for 1 week on Creator's Corner on the top of page with the submission pic and information regarding their blog and creations.
If you have questions, please feel free to ask. You can leave a comment here.
Let the fun begin!
Official Shirts
Teen - YA/A Males
For Teens
Everyday I Athletic I Career
For YA/A
Everyday I Sleepwear I Athletic
1 Recolorable Area
Mesh by Aikea
Teen - YA/A Females
For Teens
Everyday I Athletic I Career
For YA/A
Everyday I Sleepwear I Athletic
3 Recolorables Area
Base Game mesh
For Shirts Preview Pictures:
CTU Team for the tool
NewOne for the shirts, picture, layout & text, models
Aikea Guinea for the shirt mesh
Peggy, Land of Woe, Subaxi, Anubis
234jiao, Subaxi, Lemon Leaf
In Jill The Ripper's Pictures:
Aikea Guinea for default replacements, 
fangs, pattern, spiked bracelets, pants, and blood
Twilight, Arisuka  for custom makeup
Vanito, Miss Skitty for custom clothing
Traelia, Escand, Kitty Klan for default replacements
Land of Woe for guitar
Thank you!

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