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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Event 1: Creator's Corner Halloween Spectacular

Event  Status: Open
Winner: TBA

Hello, and Welcome to Creator's Corner first Event! Events will happen a few times a year and will include most Holidays. We'll start the ball rolling with Halloween! Halloween is a time to be silly, creative and spooky! Let your imagination run wild with the fun nature of this holiday. In this event you can submit pretty much anything to do with Sims3. Are you an amazing story teller? Love to create morbid, or supernatural sims? This is the time to submit.

If you're interested please read the information below..

  •  You need to be a  member of Creator's Corner. If you're not already, to become a member simply click on the 'follow' button.
  • You have full creative control. This means you can submit anything Sims3 related. Including custom content (Clothing, Houses, Sims, etc), Screenshots, Stories (must be stand alone, with a title banner), Movies (must have a title, end credits),etc.
  • Photoshop is allowed. Items up for download are allowed to be photoshoped for submission but you have to include screenshots that follow our guidelines. (Please Read the Guidelines Tab)
  • No CC restrictions, but you must include a full list of with submission.
  • All items must follow a Halloween theme, and must be created THIS month. So All NEW creations please.

The Event will be on for just under a month.
Start Date October 3, 2010 and run until October 31, 2010
At the end of the event, we will have a poll and vote to decide the winner.

The winner will be featured at the top of the page (in the Event/Challenge banner) until there is a new Challenge or Event. The banner will be linked to the winning post, which will include the submission picture and information regarding their blog and creations. The winner will also receive a free copy of Barnacle Bay or a Store Set of Winner's Choice.

To submit to this event. Post your submission on your Blog. Then leave a comment in the events/challenge page and include:
- Name
-Link to your submission.
-Sims 3 Profile page.
((Barnacle Bay or Set of Choice needs to be listed on Sims 3 Profile Page Wishlist.))

Sims Store - Ravena Dress

Practical Magic House By Camille
Screenshots by Q-Girl


  1. I have a disturbing horror set that I started in August but never finished, definitely perfect for halloween! Should be a fun (and big) set!

    Can't wait to join and see what others do!

  2. Very cool Rob. Look forward to seeing it.

  3. Oh I so wanna join this and I have a couple of things in mind eek Halloween is my favourite time of year...bring on the spookiness!

  4. Awesome! Can't wait to see both of your submissions!

  5. My Submition "Practical Magic House":
    Name: Camille

  6. Thank you for your submission Camille. Please make sure you have your Sims 3 Profile Page on your submission:

    - Name
    -Link to your submission.
    -Sims 3 Profile page

    This way we can easily find you if you have the winning entry. :-)

  7. Michelle, sorry about my page at sims3 site, but i bought the used games and EA never accepts my serial >:(, so I cant have a page there... I hope it's not a problem for the challenge

  8. Not a problem at all. We will work up an alternative give for those that may have had similar issues. :-) Thank you for letting me know.

  9. Here's my screenshot entries guys...

    - Name: Q~Girl


    -Link to your submission:

    -Sims 3 Profile page:

    Hope you like them x

  10. Thank you Q-Girl.

  11. I'll join!That's so interesting!!!!❤

  12. Wonderful. Can not wait to see your submission. :-)

  13. Name- epiFIGHT


    Link to submission-

    Sims 3 Profile-

  14. Name- epiFIGHT


    -Actual Picture
    -Blog Post


  15. Thank you Epi. :-)

  16. Sorry about the double post. I didn't realize you were approving messages; I sent another thinking the first one was lost.

  17. ^_^ It is alright it was a decision that NewOne made a while ago. So no worries, double posting is not an issue.