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Sunday, October 24, 2010

In the News...Tutoring Program

Hello fellow Simmers!

I bring you this newscast on behalf of our new poll. It is located to the top right of the blog. It is regarding our up and coming Tutoring Program.  All of our Staff have been busy discussing the best way to execute it, and realized it might be easier to know what you, as a member, would want. The program is meant to help new creators. There's one thing to read a tutorial, and another to learn how to do it and that is support. As being a recently new creator myself, the main thing that helps, is support, and a real person to talk to about creating.We plan on pairing up Tutors and Pupils, based on how they teach or learn and "subject".  But there are some things we'd like to hear from you.  Would the Program be easier to navigate and run on a Blog or on a Forum?

I have already made a blog that has the basics of how it would run. It has a Registration Page, which has the Rules/Guidelines for the program, a registration form for Pupil/Tutor, and an example for both.  The page located beside that, is the Discussion Room. It is practically a page with a giant Shoutbox. Meant for any questions or general chit chat, between Pupils, Staff, and tutors. On the very bottom of the page, has the same Shoutbox as the Discussion Room. Meant for easy access. The rest of the Pages are the "Classrooms" They are all equipped with a description of the class, who is Mod, Tutor, and Pupil. They also have their own personal Shoutbox, for only the Tutor and Pupil of that class. Others may feel free to read them, but are not to post in any classroom but their own.

When it comes to the Forum choice, one has not been created, as far as I know. The way it would be set up, would be with a Welcoming Board, with Registration. Followed by a board with the different categories. Each "Classroom" would be a topic. Also meant for only Tutor and Pupil. Below that would be the General Discussion board. Where members would be able Post different topics, or comments.

Any comments on how to make this better, or things you would like to see, please vote in the poll, and feel free to comment on this post! Thanks for your time!

J i l l i e
Event/Challenge/Program Coordinator/Hunter

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