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Friday, October 1, 2010

Now Hiring


Are you looking for a 'part time job' with no benefits other then hanging out with some pretty cool people? Do you enjoy surfing for downloads as much as you enjoy playing the game? Are you pretty good at finding unique and interesting items? Are you an insomniac that needs to fill up some much needed time? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then we might be looking for you!

We here at Creator's Corner have a deep passion for the game. We enjoy immersing ourselves in the Sims 3 Community and World.

Creator's Corner is also expanding daily and we are looking to bring in some fresh faced recruits willing to work hard, be friendly, and make new friends.

Positions Available

Asian, Russian, European Coordinators
The responsibility for these Coordinators is to assist members of Creator's Corner in accessing those often difficult foreign websites. He/She has to have access to these websites.
Some sites can be too complicated to navigate even with assistance. These Coordinators will be responsible for posting cool finds to Creator's Corner with links to where they can be downloaded. In some cases, an explanation of how to download will be required.
These Coordinators may at times be asked to explain or translate things for people with questions about certain foreign websites. This means these Coordinators must have a command of the English Language or be capable of using a translation program.
These Coordinators cannot to host any file on his/her website without the permission of the creator. It is however acceptable for these Coordinators to post links to the Booty, Garden of Shadows, or the Sims Cave where files are often shared freely. A link to the original creations or creator's website is also required.

Asian, Russian, European Promoters
Are you a social person? Promoters love to blog, chat on the forums, and friend people all over the Sims 3 Community. Asian, Russian, European Promoters are responsible for promoting Creator's Corner on various foreign websites.
Word of mouth is the best way to promote a website. If you are a social person who enjoys meeting knew people and frequents forums and blogs for the Sims 3 Community then you might enjoy being a promoter. Promoter's are responsible for spreading the word about Creator's Corner.
Promoter's need to have a grasp of what Creator's Corner is about and be able to explain our intentions easily to others.
They need to be friendly and helpful. They are the type of people that instantly respond to a 'help me' post with a kind word and suggestions. They are always willing to give advice to all creators to help them improve.
They have a good reputation within the Sims 3 Community.
If a Promoter sees a creator who is making some unique and interesting stuff (regardless of whether or not they would use it in their game) they should contact that creator and encourage them to stop by Creator's Corner.
Promoter's should never spam our website information.
Promoter's should always be respectful and follow the guidelines for any website they are on. If they are uncertain how to promote our website at these blogs, websites, and so on they need to make certain they contact the person in charge and ask.

Prize Creators
Prize Creators are individual's who will create and donate prizes for contest and challenges.
Prize Creators will donate a new item for contest and challenges by sending it to the moderation staff. The item can not be something previously posted anywhere else and must be completely original.
After a prize is won, it will be up to the winner to decide whether or not they wish to share it with Creator's Corner.

Requirements for All Positions
All positions require you to be friendly and polite. Creator's Corner is meant to be a cozy nook where friends gather together to share wonderful creations and meet new people. This is not a place for arguments and pettiness.
Each position also requires you to think outside your own likes and dislikes. What you like another person may dislike. You need to have an open mind about all creations and creator's and be willing to promote an item or a creator even if their creations, website, or blog is not something you personally are interested in.

Be willing to embrace all things Sims 3 and apply today if you think you have what it takes.

If you are interested please contact me by e-mail and let me know what position you would be interested in, give some history on your life, work, and influence within the Sims 3 Community. No personal history is necessary we just want to know about how you have established yourself within the Sims 3 Community itself, how you think you could help, and anything else you think would be good for us to know. Also feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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