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Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the News...


First I would like to thank our guest who noticed an error and brought it to my attention. We here at Creator's Corner are only human and sadly humans do make mistakes. ^_^ Please feel free to contact us through e-mail if you notice any sort of error or something that does not seem to meet the guidelines.

Creator's if it is regarding your own stuff, feel free to post any fixes that need to be made in the I Have Something New forum.

Congrats to Creator's Corner on reaching 15, 939 visits. Cheers!

So you may have noticed some changes to Creator's Corner within the past few days.

We do have a new color scheme going. As they say, change is good and it was time to give Creator's Corner a little color change. You may see another one before the month ends if Jillie gets her hands on it. ^_^ That was a little poke for Jillie to be creative.

Jillie is currently working on the new event banner which will feature our Halloween Spectacular Event Winner, Epifight.

The guidelines forum has been moved to a sticky at the top of the post section. The guidelines have been condensed to make them a little easier to read as well as have a nice easy place to spot them for those that might be interested in joining Creator's Corner.

The cool finds forum has been removed. This forum was removed simply because it was not being used. Cool finds will continue to be posted as they are found and are labeled as such.

The shout box was removed. The shout box was largely unused except by the moderation staff to chit chat with each other. We encourage our members, fans, friends, guest to leave comments. If it is a comment about a creation not working, those need to be left on the creator's websites. The shout box may make a return sometime in the future but with it being unused and so many creator's around the Sims 3 Community dealing with negativity on their shout boxes it seemed an appropriate action.

Now some might take the removal of the shout box as a silencing of voices. That is simply not the case. Our moderation staff is largely MIA due to real life stuff. That means that the only person capable of moderating the shout box is me. I am buried under my own real life stuff as well as managing my own blogs and Creator's Corner. Things will return to normal for me after the Christmas Holiday but that is still a bit off. If anything transpired within the shout box that I had to deal with, there is a chance I could not get to it before it escalated into something really negative. I have two children at home so I am all about preventative measures that quell problems before they happen thus why it has been removed.

I would like to apologize to any of our members that may have had updates overlooked. As I mentioned the moderation staff is largely MIA at the moment. Real life loves to rear its ugly head much to often and sometimes it is things that we have no control over at all. I am only one person and keeping track of 126 members blogs and websites is not an easy task for little ol' me alone. Q-Girl has very graciously agreed to help. Being a promoter for Creator's Corner is a full time job but she is going to help with the updating and I want to extend my thanks to her for taking on the task of assisting me.

Hopefully, our moderation staff will make a grand return very soon. *Beats real life back into their cages for them*

Creator's if you notice that your updates have not been posted, please leave a comment in the I Have Something New Forum with the updates that have been missed.

There are 2 days left to cast your vote on the tutoring poll. If you have not done so already you can find that poll in the sidebar.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy November as well as a Happy Veteran's Day for those of you who are in the USA. Take care all and Happy Simming.


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