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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In the News...


Today is a momentous day for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that Creator's Corner has reached 9047 visitors.

The second reason is because Creator's Corner has reached 100 members. We here at Creator's Corner are very excited and we hope that all of you are as well. It is because of you that Creator's Corner has grown so fast. So please give yourself a pat on the back, some applause, and a great big thank you hug on behalf of Creator's Corner.

So what does this mean for Creator's Corner? Well our moderation staff led by our Program Coordinators, Robodl95 and Jillie are hard at work getting our programs department situated. We are discussing tutorial sessions which are in the planning stages. We hope to have more information regarding that in the coming weeks for those of you who are interested in learning some new skills or improving the ones you have.

With the continual growth of Creator's Corner the link list is getting very long. We here at Creator's Corner wanted to make certain that every member, affiliate, and link exchange had their links posted. This was becoming increasingly difficult because we are only human. One member of the moderation staff would see a banner or link and another would not. This resulted in duplicates and us rewriting each others work. It's a little funny after the fact.

If you look to the top of your screen you will notice a new Links forum. This forum houses the links and banners of all of our members, affiliates, and link exchanges as well as a complete list of all 100 members. If you do not see your link by all means contact us. If you have a link that you want us to add, perhaps you started a new blog, website, or story forum please contact us. If you have a banner that you want in the banner section, please do not be afraid to contact us. The best way to contact us is either posting your update in the I Have Something New Forum or sending an e-mail.

The Creator's Corner Halloween Spectacular is in full swing. Do not be afraid to join in, all members are welcome. This event allows you to be completely creative and submit custom content, screenshots, videos, and stand-alone stories. There is no better time to join in the fun.

That is what is in the news. Happy Simming.


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