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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's in the News? Updated!


So there is some news with Creator's Corner now that things have settled down a bit. We would like to welcome some new members who have recently joined us. It is always nice to see new faces and we encourage you to check out our Tutorial section if you are interested in creating. The tutorial section can be found in the sidebar just under the daily updates tab.

There are benefits to being a member (following) such as participating in contest, events, and programs not to mention that your stuff is featured on our website whenever you post something new. I know that creating can be a little scary but we are a friendly group of people that will welcome your creations with open arms. So do not be afraid to give it a try, you might find that you have a passion for it.

We here at Creator's Corner do our best to watch all blogs and websites for our members though we are only human so do not be afraid to post your updates in the I have Something New forum. If you are curious about any guidelines or rules we might have you can find them in the Guidelines forum.

The Member's Gallery has gotten a face lift and is now the Member's Gallery & Story Forum. You will find all the galleries and stories that have been submitted to Creator's Corners by our members there. If you are not the type of person who has talent in creating custom content, then perhaps you might like to show off your gallery or even your stories. Do not be afraid to show off your work because there might be a fan out there just waiting to engross themselves in the pictures or stories that you are working on.

You may have noticed some more Cool Find's being posted to Creator's Corner. As positions are filled here at Creator's Corner, hunters actively search the web for any cool or interesting items they might find around the web. Cool Find's will always be labeled in its regular category as well as be labeled with the Cool Finds tag. This will distinguish it from the wonderful items of our members.

Cool Finds will never take away from the amazing work our members are doing but we will certainly post something cool or interesting if we think that all of you might enjoy it. While we actively have hunters that look for things you can play a role as well. If you stumble upon something cool or interesting that you think others might like, do not be afraid to stop by Creator's Corner and post a link to it at the Cool Find's forum.

At the top of the page you might have noticed a Halloween Banner. This banner is for our first event. We will be doing a Halloween themed event with a couple of cool rewards. If you would like to know more you should stop by and check out the Creator's Corner Halloween Spectacular.

Which brings me to the last bit of news. Please welcome our new Creator's Corner Events/Challenges/Programs Coordinator, Jillie. Jillie has joined our family and we are looking forward to all the exciting stuff she will be working on. Jillie is the mastermind behind the lovely Halloween Banner and she runs her own blog called Jillie's Sims 3 Blog. Jillie will be pulling double duty as she works as the Events/Challenges/Programs Coordinator and a hunter for the Cool Finds.

We have a recent update. We here at Creator's Corner have filled our last Program Coordinator and Hunter positions. We would like to welcome Robodl95. He has some exciting ideas for upcoming programs and we very much look forward to see what he has in store for us. Robodl95 does not mind being called Rob and he runs the Look it's a Plumbob over my Head! blog. We are very excited that he has joined the staff here at Creator's Corner.

We would also like to welcome QuileuteGirl to Creator's Corner. She has been hired on as a Promoter. Q-Girl as we call her runs The Pixel Dollhouse. She is a very kind and friendly girl who was also our first challenge winner. You may notice from her blog she loves to do challenge's and this makes her a very active part of the Sims 3 Community. Please welcome her to Creator's Corner.

That is What's in the News...Happy Simming.


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