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Monday, November 1, 2010

What's in the News...


So I have been holding off writing this for as long as I could. I wanted to keep the poll announcement up at the top so people would see it and take the time to let us know their opinions on the matter. The poll will remain up for a bit longer, so please if you have not already taken the opportunity, let us know what you think about the tutorial program. The poll is located in the sidebar but if you want more information on it you can read the previous news report here.

Congrats to Creator's Corner for reaching 12, 113 Visitors.

We have grown so much in the past month and we here at Creator's Corner feel very honored that all of you have joined us.

There has been been some restructuring of the tags. This is to make it a bit easier to find things. Hopefully this will be helpful for those looking for specific items.

Recently we got a comment about an item that needed the creator's attention. We have no control over the items posted here. It is important that if you have an issue with an item, such as it not working, that you contact the creator at their website. We can certainly let the creator know, but it is important for you and the creator to speak so that they can know exactly what is going on. This will better help them to address the issue.

The Halloween Event will be coming to an end on October 31, so if you have not submitted your entry you still have time. Do not be afraid to join in. Make a creation, take a screenshot, do up a video, just have fun with it.

There have been many wonderful chapter updates for some of our members TS3 Stories. You can find the list of stories in our Member's Gallery and Story Forum. If you would like your own story or gallery added, please leave a comment and we are more then happy to add it. If you would like your updates posted to the board you will need a display picture similar to these. If you do not consider yourself creative with paint programs, then you might try Cool Text to add a little something extra to your display pictures.

This is a first for us, we are sharing some member news.

Hogar Sims has reached 1000 visitors. Congrats Ivan.M.L.

A member of our Moderation Staff, Jill the Ripper is having all kinds of computer issues. Sadly this means that Megahood is on the backburner. Jill has been playing around with a new group of Sims on that ancient computer she is using called the Crescent Family. Stop by and check them out, give her a hug, and let her know that she is supported. We look forward to your new story Jill.

Chicago has also been suffering with some issues. She was finally able to get into game and make some new sims for a challenge called Marriage of Style. You can check out those new sims here, I adore Heinz.

Cupcake has a Generation Heir 4 poll up over at Cupcake's Bittersweet Temptations. Why not take the time to cast your vote.

Q-Girl, a promoter here at Creator's Corner, has been participating in Miss Cstyles Simmette Challenge. Why not take the time to head over to her website and check out her entry, and perhaps head over to CStyles and cast a vote for her.

Want to keep track of what Lilisims is up too. You can now follow her on facebook.

There is so much going on in the Sims 3 Community it can be difficult to keep track of it all. So why not check out the Links Forum and head over to some of our members websites. Take the opportunity to see for yourself what they have been up too.

That is what's in the news.

Take care all and happy simming.


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